Portsmouth Hospitals Trust – Medical Negligence Damages Win 2000 to 2005

‘Back from the Dead’

On 13th January 2000, Shirley Ann Burton, my partner of twelve years and co-company director in PS (UK) Ltd had a kidney transplant at Portsmouth Hospitals. Due to negligence and poor post-operative care, Shirley suffered a cardiac arrest, stroke and numerous complications resulting in her brain damage. Between January 2000 and May 2005 on behalf of Shirley, I pursued a claim for damages with the support of Blake Lapthorn solicitors and in 2005 won for Shirley, substantial damages against Portsmouth Hospitals Trust, which was settled out of court for post-operative clinical negligence.

Instead of giving Shirley two litres of water to flush out her new kidney transplant, Shirley was given ten litres of water, flooding her lungs and stopping her heart which was administered by an agency nurse. (Photos as captured January 2000)

Having had no heart beat for some twenty-five minutes, Shirley was declared technically dead and it was only as a result of her ‘renal consultant’ by chance passing her ward, that he administered an ‘adrenalin injection’ into her heart that she was bought back to life.

Now residing in the Canary Islands, Shirley is doing very well with her new partner Graham. We often talk about the experience and my commitment to caring and helping Shirley rehabilitate back into life with lots of TLC. Shirley supports my pursuit of justice and is a key witness to the theft of our business PS(UK) Ltd and the corporate conspiracy to criminally defraud us by deception as executed by Raymond Kennedy and Julian Harris Wood and their associates.

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