‘Trust Me Dear Boy’! (Raymond Kennedy’s trademark quote!)
Justice or Injustice?


Priority Stainless (UK) Ltd, Priority Metals & Fasteners & Smiths Metals Ltd are known to Raymond Kennedy!

In August 1997, I lost my company, Priority Stainless (UK) Ltd to a rogue company director, Raymond Kennedy and his wife Maria Angeles Kennedy of Advanced Metals International Ltd of Watford. He purchased and changed my company’s name to       Priority Metals & Fasteners Ltd.

Conspiring with Julian Wood, a partner in the firm ‘Parker Wood’, ‘Insolvency Practitioners’ of Stanmore, Middlesex; a proposed sale of my company to Raymond Kennedy resulted in the theft of my company and a conspiracy to defraud company members and creditors.

The motive was financial greed and the deed was deception and conspiracy to defraud.

It is said that ‘what goes around comes around’ and in November 2008, Raymond Kennedy has again conspired with others. A director of Smiths Metals Ltd and the Managing Director of Priority Metals & Fasteners Ltd, this is my story about the man whose trademark phrase is,‘Trust Me Dear Boy’,regrettably I did!

It is also an introduction to ‘Director Disqualification’ proceedings as brought against me by Julian Wood of Parker Wood, a rogue insolvency practitioner and associate of Raymond Kennedy, in a case where the DTI and the CPS could not see ‘WOOD’ (JHW) for the trees of corporate theft, conspiracy to defraud and deception.

Director Targets Injustice – DTI is my story about the good, the bad and the ugly side of doing business with others, where trust and integrity cannot always be relied upon.

This is my story…
Without Prejudice and in the Public Interest – An article by Kevin Crane dated 10/07/03 as amended – ‘MY BRIDGE TOO FAR’!