DTI Proceedings

The actions of Wood and Kennedy where as follows:

  1. To steal the company’s assigned cherished phone number by deception.
  2. To obtain the ISO 9002 certificate by deception informing Lloyds that the company had changed its name and scope.
  3. Obtained a work in progress order book of 150,000 pounds to the detriment of creditors.
  4. Falsified phone calls to Lloyds Bank passing themselves off as myself.
  5. Made claims to Halifax bank with malicious falsehoods of theft.
  6. Obtained rent free accommodation to the detriment of the owner.
  7. Obtained the use of a company vehicle to the detriment of the leasing company
  8. Used premises for six months rent free to the detriment of the the Landlord
  9. Registered the Prilok trademark as their own at the Patents office in March 1998 which was a criminal act of theft.

Wood and Kennedy at all times fought desperately to stay in the premises that were in the name of Shirley Ann Burton. When evicted on 31 March 1998 they vandalized the unit and left a vandalized shell. Computers, phones, carpets and fittings were binned in the local skip. They had left the premises in a disgraceful state. The obscenity FU was cut out of the carpet and a screw with my business card on the carpet with FU was left for all to see.

We called the Police, whose forensic team photographed the evidence. They visited Wood and Kennedy who obviously gave a false version of events and it was from this time on that proceeding where launched against me.

A writ from the DTI arrived, along with the same charges in a writ from the CPS. The policy of Wood was clear. Issue proceedings! Claim in his affidavit as many matters that he can possibly think of. His philosophy appeared to be throwing as much mud as you can from the outset!

DTI proceedings

  1. Wood reports falsehoods to DTI. Proceedings issued July 1999.
  2. Bradley Jones claims although he saw the file, he had no understanding of the case and forwarded to DTI lawyers for action.
  3. Lawyers, after months of negotiation, reduce eight charges to three having accepted misunderstandings.
  4. Appear before Registrar Simmonds who is a promoted Bankruptcy clerk and clearly has limited knowledge of business.
  5. A police officer is at the back of the court with Wood. I make the the Registrar aware of his presence and the rest is history. There is a stay of proceedings whilst a review of the Human Rights Act a right to a fair trial is considered. The DTI appeal and win making Legal history, following a ruling by Judge Ferris, to my detriment.
  6. There was a clear inequality of arms before the court.
  7. I had no legal representation and no expert witnesses to assist me Having been told to shut up, I was disqualified on the three counts as listed in the attached summary of the case as listed by Butterworths. I was banned for seven years, with the loss of my livelihood resulting in damage to my trade and credit.